Canadian HBL Kids

On June 18th, 1997, the host of YTV mentioned the Canadian Homeschool Resource Page’s Homeschooled Kids Page and the URL on the air and said that “It’s a great place to hang out with other kids.” Thanks, YTV!

Back then, if you wanted to hang out interactively with other homelearners from Canada and elsewhere, you could check out our list of online groups for HBL kids. You could also connect with your fellow Canadian homelearners by visiting their websites, which we’re still glad to link to here when we hear about them. Or maybe you’d like to start a homelearners’ magazine we could mention here — there were several in the past.

It’s a new millennium!

All the home based learners whose webpages were originally listed on this page, have since grown by quite a few years! Their webpages are no longer online and it’s time to seek out new kids and their webpage creations.

If you are a young Canadian home based learner and you’d like us to link to your webpage, or list your homelearners’ magazine or online group, please contact us so we can add you to the new list. Thank you!

Let us know, as well, what you’d like us to do with this section of the Canadian Home Based Learning Resource Page website.

And if you’d like to help out…we could use all the Kidpower we can get! Contact us to let us know about any cool Canadian kids’ stuff you recommend: books, games, toys, websites, projects, places to visit…. We’ll upload it so all the other Canadian HBL Kids can find out about it too.

Canadian books for HBL kids