About Us

A warm welcome to you! My name is Marian Buchanan and I’m currently (and since many years ago) the face behind this informational website about homeschooling in Canada — or Canadian Home Based Learning.

For many years as well, my other related projects include volunteering for the Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents (OFTP – ontariohomeschool.org), serving as the OFTP/FOPE francophone contact, running a few homeschool-related yahoogroups (higheredforhomelearners, hs-ONfriends, EcoleMaisonCanada), and rescuing a few sites from extinction (universityadmissions.ca, homeschoolmedia.net, and this site).

My own child is all grown up now, but we unschooled throughout his childhood and adolescence, so my experience is direct as well as having accumulated a lot of information and knowledge about what other families encounter as they take the homelearning journey.

A little history about the site

Originally called the Canadian Homeschooling Resource Page (CHRP), this website started out as a collaborative effort of a handful of homeschooling parents from across the country, back in 1996. They had connected through an unschooling mailing list, and the website was an expansion of the Manitoba Homeschool Resource Pages website that had been created by Jill Campbell. The idea was that it would be good to have a site like that with resources for each of the other provinces too, and a place to connect and support each other as fellow Canadian homeschoolers.

In 1998, those involved in the site and its mailing list also started the Association for Canadian Home Based Education (ACHBE), intended to provide information, support, and advocacy across provincial boundaries whenever a province was dealing with legislative or regulatory changes that affected the province’s homeschoolers.

In 1999 the site’s name was changed to Canadian Home Based Learning Resource Page (CHBLRP or just CHBL for short) to reflect the fact that many homeschoolers do not replicate school at home, but rather focus on learning, and do so from their home as a base but not necessarily always at home.

Over the years, as the CHRP/CHBL founders and original contributors moved on to other projects after their homeschooling days, it became difficult to find new volunteers to replace them in contributing and maintaining website content and administration. The site became sorely out of date and the web host who had graciously given it a web home for free was going to delete it if no one was going to take care of it anymore.

So I (Marian Buchanan) stepped forward to save it from extinction. I updated as best I could, with a lot of placeholder text directing people to seek information on the websites of their provincial associations, but life got in the way of getting back to it for quite a while.

In 2017, the web host decided to wind down his private server hosting in order to pursue other projects. So I migrated the site to another web host. Still alone in my web admin role, and no longer constrained by the original web host’s requirements for Creative Commons licensing, my intentions were to turn the site into more of my own project, with my own writing and a more curated list of resources.

In 2019, as I retire from my web design business, I hope to have more time to do just that. Starting with this new look!

Although it has evolved from a grassroots collaborative effort to this one-person project, I’m still open to collaborating with others, and of course, always welcome your contributions to help me keep up to date with your province’s legislative changes as well as any new Canadian-content resources you discover. You can contact me at chbl@homebasedlearning.ca.

Happy Homeschooling!