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Life Learning Magazine

Life Learning Magazine, founded in print in 2002, is now a free resource about life learning (also known as unschooling), defined as personalized, non-coercive, active, interest-led learning from life. Hundreds of articles written by grown unschoolers, life learning teens, parents, as well as well-known authors.

Alternative lifestyles

Eco Parent

A magazine and online community for Canadian parents wishing to make informed decisions and better choices for a sustainable lifestyle.

Magazines by Wendy Priesnitz, author of Challenging Assumptions in Education and other books, and founder of the (now defunct) Canadian Alliance of Homeschoolers.

Life Learning Magazine, mentioned above.

Natural Life Magazine, founded in print in 1976 and now a free website, provides inspiration and information about green living, including minimalist living, sustainable homes, do-it-yourself solutions, organic gardening, alternative education, localism, healthy eating and wellness, making and deepening community connections.

Natural Child Magazine, founded in print in 2008 and now a free website, provides articles about natural, healthy living from pregnancy, through birth and early childhood, including attachment parenting.

Child’s Play Magazine, founded in the 1980s and relaunched in 2015 as a digital magazine, is now a free website that explores all aspects of play.