Canadian HBL Kids

On June 18th, 1997, the host of YTV mentioned the Canadian Homeschool Resource Page's Homeschooled Kids Page and the URL on the air and said that "It's a great place to hang out with other kids."

Thanks, YTV!

If you want to hang out interactively with other homelearners from Canada and elsewhere, check out our list of online groups for HBL kids. You can also connect with your fellow Canadian homelearners by visiting their websites, which we're glad to link to here when we hear about them. Or maybe you'd like to start a homelearners' magazine we could mention here.

It's a new millennium!

All the home based learners whose webpages were originally listed on this page, have since grown by quite a few years! Their webpages are no longer online and it's time to seek out new kids and their webpage creations.

If you are a young Canadian home based learner and you'd like us to link to your webpage, please contact us so we can add you to the new list. Thank you!

Let us know, as well, what you'd like us to do with this section of the Canadian Home Based Learning Resource Page website.

And if you'd like to help out...we could use all the Kidpower we can get! Contact us to let us know about any cool Canadian kids' stuff you recommend: books, games, toys, websites, projects, places to visit.... We'll upload it so all the other Canadian HBL Kids can find out about it too.

HBL Kids online

Cool Homeschooled Kids e-list -- This is a yahoogroup for homelearning kids to hang out and to get to know other homeschoolers. The parents moderate it and keep it safe for you by requiring parent permission for anyone to join. It was started by a homeschooling mom in Canada so there are mostly Canadian kids, but it's open to kids from outside of Canada as well.

HBL Kids webpages

Skidzone Stampede — Levi lives on an island in BC where his parents are the lighthouse keepers. His website is about his hobby, remote controlling his Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck. He has some video footage of it on the site, but you will need the right plug-in to view it — it's in wmv format. is Amanda's site — built for kids, with content from kids of all ages. (It also provides parents and teachers with reference for school or community resources.) Amanda is a 14-year-old (as of fall 2005) homelearner in Ontario.

HBL Kids magazines

The Home & School Times

"The Interactive Newspaper for Kids"
Published by some homeschool kids and their mom, The Home & School Times is a newspaper by and for children and youth. "Its original purpose was to showcase the works of our talented home schoolers and inform people of events in the [Barrie ON] area. Some children in the school system also wanted to participate and so we opened it up." Kids are invited to submit stories, artwork, poetry, photographs and anything that can be printed. The newspaper can be delivered to your door. $25 covers the cost of printing and mailing 11 issues each year. It can also be found in libraries around Simcoe County and Oro Medonte. Editors are home-based learners Andre (teen) and Nicky (pre-teen) and their mom Beverly. Some articles will be reprinted on the OFTP website.
PO Box 247, Moonstone ON L0K 1N0
hs-times@ (add to complete the email address)

Kids' Town --The Magazine for Homeschool Kids by Homeschool Kids.

Anna Kulczyk from Ancaster, Ontario, is an independent learner who started this newsletter in print form with the help of her sister and a couple of other homeschooling friends. Apparently she was quite young at the time, since by 2003 (when she was 13) the newsletter had been going for 6 years! She was interviewed in Girls' Life magazine in March 2003. That's also around the time when the online version of the newsletter stopped being updated. Hard to know what Anna and Kidstown have been up to since then, as the email address is no longer valid. (Anna, if you're out there, drop us a line!) Neither is the original URL, The Spring 2003 issue is still online on the Hamilton CommunityNet server, though, so you can check it out to get an idea of what had been accomplished... and what gap you might like to try and fill if you are a Canadian homelearning kid yourself!

Canadian books for HBL kids

We have several pages on Canadian books for HBL kids:

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