Canadian Home Education Legalities

Home based learning, or “home school,” as it is often referred to in the regulations, is legal in all Canadian provinces and territories. It comes under provincial jurisdiction and each province has its own Education Act and Regulations. To find out more about regulations in your own province, follow the links to the relevant provincial section of this website and, from there, to the page on Legalities.

Canadian citizens outside of Canada

If you are a Canadian citizen living outside of Canada, you will need to find out about the laws governing home education in your country of residence.

The exception is families in the military, as military bases are considered part of the country of origin and therefore Canadian military bases come under Canadian law. The Ministry of National Defence website used to provide an online version of the Outside Canada Education of Children “How To” Book for information on “instruction at home” (homeschooling), as well as information on Distance Education for high school through the Avon-Maitland Distance Education Centre (AMDEC) or the Independent Learning Centre (ILC). Things have moved around on their website since then, and we’re waiting for a reply as to where those resources might be on the newer version of their site.