Non-Canadian homeschool links

These are links to non-Canadian sites that provide either useful learning resources or general information and discussion about home based learning relevant to all HBL families regardless of where they live.

Be aware that resources based in the U.S. use non-Canadian spelling (e.g. “color” for “colour”), which may confuse or misteach your child, especially when the lessons are for learning to read and spell. You may want to screen the lessons and adapt them before your child does them, or else always be there when your child is using such resources so that you can provide the correct Canadian spelling.

(For Canadian sites, resources and information, go to the Resources page.)

Information and discussion about home based learning (homeschooling)

Some of the following non-Canadian sites contain Canadian-specific info as well.

  • A to Z Home’s Cool is an extensive directory of homeschooling links, including a section for Canada.
  • Education Otherwise — UK based membership organisation. The website has articles and resources of interest to all homeschooling families.
  • Jan Hunt’s Natural Child Project  The Natural Child Project includes articles on empathic parenting, homeschooling, and child advocacy.
  • School is Dead, Learn in Freedom
  • archives –“unschooling” is also known as child-led learning or natural learning.
  • Home Education Magazine archives
  • FUN Books
    1688 Belhaven Woods Court, Dept. W., Pasadena, MD 21122-3727
    Voice Mail/Fax: 1-888-386-7020 or (410) 360-7330
    Email: FUN@ (add to complete the email address)
    — call and ask for their catalogue; can order books online; books on homeschooling; information on learning resources for reading/writing, mathematics, science, arts/crafts, music, geography, foreign language, world and ancient history, genealogy, and much more. Note: The John Holt’s Bookstore operations have been transferred to FUN Books.

Learning resources

  • Homeschool Curriculum – Online homeschool programs for math, science, history, reading¬†&¬†more. Monthly subscription gives you access to thousands of video lessons, transcripts, quizzes, for grades 3-12. (For language arts, keep in mind this is a U.S.-based resource and American spelling is slightly different from Canadian spelling.) Automatic grading and progress tracking. Access to instructors. also has college credit courses and college Credit By Exam (CLEP, AP).
  • – free online grammar lessons (US based), plus the option to pay for an account that gives access to practice exercises with quizzes and tracking, or an account that also gives the parent/teacher the ability to customize the scope and sequence, and create assignments,
  • Primary Leap – downloadable worksheets for primary grades in all subjects (U.K.)
  • Mindware – “brainy toys for kids of all ages”
  • Games for Fun, Fitness and Learning is a resource book of games for children between the ages of 7 and 16. Written by Kathi Wyldeck, an Australian homeschooling mom who is also an ESL teacher, the book includes physical and mental games, life skill games, and educational games. The website also provides a free Game of the Week, some Writing Topics of the Week, and Knowledge Quizzes.
  • ThatQuiz is a free online resource for math practice and testing. The money section includes Canadian coins. Students can access all of the tests without registration. Immediate feedback is in terms of right or wrong only (the correct answer is not given after a mistake is made). Free registration for teachers allows customization of quizzes and record-keeping of students’ scores.
  • Christian Cottage serves home based learning families through either full enrollment in the Colorado-based school or just the services and products they provide. The website includes an online catalogue, a description of services, and articles from their newsletter.
  • Xtel Set. Visitors to the site can find detailed on-line plans for building a beginner’s crystal radio.
  • Virtual University. Free and low cost courses open to everyone.
  • Clonlara School Home Based Education Program – A US based program that follows a child-directed approach.
  • Funbrain –online arcade-style games for kids (math, language arts, etc) and resources for teachers. Based in the U.S.: Be aware that the games use non-Canadian spelling (e.g. “color” for “colour”),which may confuse or misteach your child, especially when the games are for learning to read and spell.
  • Neopets –earn Neopoints by playing online puzzle and arcade games (math, logic, words, arcade skills, etc) or multiplayer games, then spend your Neopoints on food, shelter, accessories and toys for your virtual pet. Select up to 5 Neopets to take care of. Parental consent form required for certain features. Based in the U.S.: Be aware that the language games use non-Canadian spelling (e.g. “color” for “colour”),which may confuse or misteach your child, especially when the games are for learning to read and spell.
  • Spanish Programs/ Learn Spanish Today

    Quite a few free sample audio-visual Spanish lessons on-line, plus a newsletter you can subscribe to for more tips on the Spanish language and its usage. They also sell Complete Visual Link Spanish Program CD-ROM