Alberta Homeschool Support Groups

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Alberta provincial home education organizations

AHEA Alberta Home Education Association

AHEA acts as a liaison between home educators, the Provincial Government, and other organizations, with a focus on preserving the rights and freedoms of homeschooling parents in Alberta. AHEA is committed to helping parents home educate their children. Gain access to a wide variety of articles, blog posts, and events, as well as a lively Facebook community. AHEA promotes and supports home education as an alternative to, and compatible with other education models through our annual convention. Gain access to a wide variety of speakers and resources at the biggest home education event in Alberta.

HASAA Homelearning Advocacy and Support Association of Alberta

HASAA (formerly Alberta Home Education Parents Society – AHEPS) is a democratically-run, inclusive home learner advocacy group representing home education families of Alberta.  We advocate for individualized education that meets the child’s needs and interests. We advocate for the child/youth’s rights to learn in any way that best meets their needs, as well as the caregivers’ rights to choose their means of education.  We embrace the diversity of home education families, and support people of all family shapes, program choices, abilities, socio-economic statuses, religions and non-religions, ethnicities and cultures, ages, sexual orientations and genders.  We strive to be 100% inclusive.  HASAA is dedicated to our members and is working with the Alberta Government to ensure that changes to home education laws and policies reflect our members’ needs. We strive to provide insight to stakeholders as to the realities of home education it its infinite forms.

AHA Alberta Homeschooling Association

Alberta Homeschooling offers support, information and advocacy in order to grow homeschooling in the Province of Alberta.  Alberta Homeschooling advocates for equitable, sustainable funding and reduced regulation. We believe that teachers are education professionals in the classroom and parents are educational professionals in the home.  We are a grassroots community that runs on donations and fund-raising. We don’t need a lot of money to get things done.  To become a member, just sign up for our newsletter. You will be anonymous and not be listed on a Facebook group. We will keep you posted on government updates and changes in the homeschooling landscape.  We are inclusive and welcome anyone interested in homeschooling or learning more about this exciting, growing educational alternative.

Alberta-wide Facebook and Yahoo groups

Alberta High School Homeschoolers Email List
This list is for parents of Alberta highschool homeschoolers (teens are welcome too) to discuss the special challenges of homeschooling through the highschool years. Relevant to all Alberta residents. To subscribe send email to

Homeschooling the High School Years – Alberta, Canada  This is a group for parents who are homeschooling in Alberta during the high school years or would like to know more about doing so. You’ll find many different home school philosophies and educational approaches represented. As well as a variety of religious or non-religious ideologies. Please be respectful of differing view points.

TJED In Alberta  This list is for families living in Alberta who wish to implement a leadership model of education in their home. (Although we welcome members from other geographic areas as well!) The “Leadership Education” model is described in A Thomas Jefferson Education: Teaching a Generation of Leaders for the Twenty-first Century by Oliver Van DeMille. The hope is that we can reach out in support to each other, share ideas, challenges and joys, and continue learning alongside each other…and perhaps get together in real life!

Alberta local support groups

Southern Alberta Wisdom Homeschoolers  This group has been established to be able to contact other Wisdom Homeschool Families in the Southern Alberta area, that we might share info. on field trips, activities, concerns or other topics related to homeschooling.


Calgary’s Christian Homeschoolers  This is a yahoogroup for Christian parents from in and around Calgary who want to support and pray for each other and discuss issues that relate to Christian Homeschooling.

Calgary Homeschoolers  This is a yahoogroup for Calgary and area home schoolers to talk about whatever they feel like talking about, with subjects ranging from home schooling philosophies to the weather. We talk about field trips, social times, and seasonal parties. We discuss curriculum and school boards while debating the provincial rules & regs. We have people who are considering homeschooling and seasoned homeschoolers who are happy to provide advice. We welcome home schoolers of any faith, method, or interest. Membership is restricted to home schooling parents and those considering home schooling.

Calgary Homeschool Activities  This group facilitates the organization and coordination of homeschool activities in the Calgary area. It is a GREAT source of spontaneous get-togethers, playdates and field trips!  Members volunteer to organize field trips & activities for the mutual benefit of all. Through this group you can (1) meet other homeschoolers in your area quickly, (2) have better accessibility to educational activities available at museums, science centres, etc.  CHA Yahoo group

Calgary Homeschool Preschool  This is a list for parents who are considering homeschooling, or are homeschooling children before they are registered through Alberta Learning. Parents live in or around Calgary, Alberta and are interested in ideas and support as they un-preschool or pre-homeschool their child who are not yet of school age (under 6 years old).  Parents of homeschool Kindergarten and Preschool aged children can meet here to discuss all aspects of homeschooling their children. Kindergarten is voluntary in the Province of Alberta, and is a wonderful time for families to explore and discover together.

Calgary HS Special Kids  A Calgary group for families who are (or thinking of) homeschooling special needs children.

Calgary Homeschool Teen Events  The Teen Events List is for Calgary and area “homeschooled teens”, ages 12 and up, to plan field trips, activities, chat, etc. Parents are welcome to join, to offer ideas, support, and opportunities. Members of this list are encouraged to post ideas for field trips and/or to organize them. Your help is very much appreciated!!!! Don’t forget to add your email address to your announcement, so that people can contact you for information and to register!

Homeschool Calgary  Primarily for activities, workshops and programs of interest to the homeschool community (grades 1-12) in Calgary and surrounding area.

The Whole Family Attachment Parenting Association is a friendly non-profit attachment parenting support, information and advocacy group, located in Calgary, Alberta. They hold regular meetings in Calgary, every third Thursday evening of the month, and all members of the whole family are welcome contributors to the meetings. They also welcome guest speakers.

Calgary Homeschool Email List
This is an email list for Alberta homeschoolers (veterans, new and prospective) to talk about whatever they feel like talking about (from homeschooling philosophies to the latest weather pattern), plan field trips, social times, answer queries from out-of-province homeschoolers about what it’s like to homeschool in Alberta, talk about curriculum and debate provincial rules and regulations. Good support for remote area homeschoolers who can’t always travel the distance required to participate in person.
To subscribe send email to


Home Learning Society of Alberta  We are a non-profit society, based in Edmonton and area that provides information and support to families that have children learning at home and in the community.  We welcome families of ALL lifestyles, learning styles, ethnic and religious backgrounds.  We support education choices for children and adults.  We help put home-based learners in touch with each other.  Events, activities and field trips are created by member families throughout the year.

Home School Christian Fellowship – Edmonton   HSCF seeks to facilitate building a Christian community for homeschooling families by providing opportunities for their involvement in meetings and activities, and supporting parents in their responsibility of directing their children’s education.

Edmonton, Alberta and Area Homeschoolers  This is a very active and entertaining list for Edmonton area homeschoolers. We gather to discuss events and issues pertinent to homeschooling lives. We welcome local people of all approaches & philosophies to join us. We request that all posts of a commercial nature are approved by the moderator before being posted to the group. Membership is restricted to parents who homeschool in the Edmonton area. To ask for an exception, please contact the moderator directly.

Edmonton Homeschool Email List
Members of the Edmonton-hs list discuss boards, coordinate field trips, provide a supportive environment for each other, and generally share in the homeschooling experience. There is also the usual amount of off-topic posts.
To subscribe send email to

The Society for the Homeschool Network of Edmonton
Web site:
Area Served: Edmonton and area
SHiNE is a non-profit support group whose mission is to enable families to develop educational methods that best suit their philosophies, beliefs, and lifestyle. Join SHiNE for family events, field trips, professional development, support, and library resources.

Sherwood Park Homeschoolers     This is a discussion forum for Sherwood Park and area homeschoolers. It is open to all individuals who are presently homeschooling or who are planning on homeschooling their children.It is a great way to plan activities and to connect with other homeschoolers in your area.

Home Educators of St. Albert and Area  Home Educators of St.Albert and Area is a support group for families choosing to Home Educate their children.

Central Alberta – Home School Activities  This group was created so that home educators in the Central Alberta area would have a place to connect in order to organize and participate in activities for both parents and children in support of their home learning activities.

Home Learning Support – Central Alberta  Welcome to the HOME LEARNING SUPPORT-CENTRAL ALBERTA group, a parent led support group for families educating at home in Central Alberta.  Here you can connect online with other homeschool families to discuss curriculum options, school board options, learning methods and family life in general.

Cold Lake and area, northeren Alberta