Manitoba Homeschool Support Groups

Provincial organizations

Manitoba Association for Schooling at Home (MASH)

“The Manitoba Association for Schooling at Home is the largest homeschooling group in the province and the only inclusive secular group, representing all homeschoolers regardless of faith, philosophy or points of view. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we are working together to help each other make the best of our common homeschooling experience.”

Manitoba Association of Christian Home Schools (MACHS)

“MACHS is a non-profit, volunteer provincial organization that seeks to connect, support and equip all those who are involved in Christian home education in the Province of Manitoba. MACHS also seeks to ensure representation of, and advocacy for, home education rights to government and education agencies.”

Hearth Families Incorporated

“Hearth Families Inc. acts as an education liaison provincially, and has been involved with the federal and provincial governments in an advisory capacity in guarding the parental rights of families. A great deal of time and resources is spent in guidance, counseling and dispersing information. ​Hearth Families Inc. is dedicated to helping all people come to know Christ as their Saviour.”

Manitoba local support groups on Yahoo

The Winnipeg Homeschool Yahoo Group

The Westman Homeschool Connection

Manitoba local support groups on Facebook

MASH’s facebook group: Manitoba Homeschools

Westman Homeschool Connection

Winnipeg Homeschoolers

Interlake Homeschoolers

Unschooling Manitoba