Home Education Legalities in New Brunswick

Homeschooling in New Brunswick is governed by the Education Act. The relevant sections are those on compulsory education (section 15) and exceptions thereto (section 16). See the quoted sections below or follow the link to the entire Act.

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development website hosts the following pdf files:

NB Education Act

Compulsory attendance

15(1) Except as provided in section 16 and subject to subsection (2), a child is required to attend school in the school in which the child is placed by the superintendent concerned under section 11
(a) beginning on the first school day of a given school year if, on or before the thirty-first day of December of that school year, the child will have attained the age of five years, and
(b) until the child graduates from high school or attains the age of eighteen years.

16(1) A child is not required to attend school if the child
(a) is unable to attend school by reason of the child’s sickness or other unavoidable cause,
(b) is officially excluded from attendance under this Act or the regulations,
(c) is absent on a day regarded as a holy day by the religious denomination of the child or the parent of the child, or
(d) in circumstances considered exceptional by the Minister, is exempted from attendance in writing by the Minister

16(2)The Minister shall, on application of the parent of a child, exempt in writing the child from attending school where the Minister is satisfied that the child is under effective instruction elsewhere.