Home Education Legalities in Newfoundland

The legal right to homeschool in Newfoundland is laid out in the 1997 Schools Act. Relevant Sections include Section 4, 5(c), 6(1), 6(2), 7, 15(1), 18(1).

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has the following pdf files for the English School District home schooling policy, and accompanying regulations:

NLESD Homeschooling Policy – PROG-312
NLESD Homeschooling Admin Procedures and Regulations – PROG-312

Contact information for each of the English School District’s regional home schooling consultants is listed here: www.gov.nl.ca/education/k12/homeschooling/

Compulsory attendance
4. (1) A person who
(b) on December 31 in a school year is 6 years of age or older; and
(c) on September 1 in a school year is younger than 16 years of age
shall attend a school for the entire school year.

Excused from attendance
5. Notwithstanding section 4, a student is excused from attending a school where the student,
(c) with the prior written approval of the director, is under instruction satisfactory to the director, at home or elsewhere, for a period specified by the director;

Home instruction
6. (1) A parent of a student may provide, at home or elsewhere, instruction for that student where the student is excused from attending a school under paragraph 5(c).
(2) A student who is excused from attending school under paragraph 5(c) shall be enrolled under section 15.

Home instruction approval
7. The period for which a student may be excused from attending a school under paragraph 5(c)
(a) shall be valid for no longer than a school year; and
(b) may be renewed upon application to the director each school year.

Compulsory enrolment
      15. (1) A parent of a child required to attend school under section 4 shall present that child for enrolment in a school.

Duty to report
18. (1) A person who has reason to believe that
(a) a child who is required to be enrolled under section 15 is not enrolled; or
(b) a child who is receiving instruction under section 6 is not receiving instruction in accordance with this Act,
shall report that belief to the director for the district in which that child resides.

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