Nova Scotia Homeschooling FAQ

Is homeschooling legal in Nova Scotia?

Yes. Under section 83 (1) of the Education Act, “A parent may provide to a child of the parent a home education program centred in the child’s home.”

Do homeschooled children in Nova Scotia have to be registered with any official authority?

Yes. Under section 83(2)(a) of the Education Act, a homeschooling parent must “register the child for each school academic year with the Minister”

Is there any monitoring of homeschooling programs?

Yes. Under section 83(2)(b), a parent must “report the child’s progress to the Minister” According to the Regulations, a report should be provided “at least once a year in June” and “in a manner consistent with the type of program provided and that accurately reflects the child’s progress.”

If the Minister feels the need for further evidence of progress, he/she may “appoint an independent assessor to assess and report to the Minister whether
(a) the child is making reasonable educational progress;
(b) the home education program is adequately addressing the child’s needs; and
(c) the available public school program would do more to further the child’s educational progress than the home education program.”

If, on the basis of the report, the Minister is of the opinion that the homeschooling program is inadequate, he/she will first “give the parent an opportunity to make representation to the Minister in writing as to why the home education program should be provided or continued.”

If the Minister is still not satisfied, he/she may revoke the permission to homeschool.

Where can I find the Nova Scotia curriculum?

Do I have to follow the Nova Scotia curriculum?

No. The registration form asks you to indicate what kind of program you will be providing, including the option to provide one you develop yourself:

(a) Is the program commercially available? __yes __no
If yes, please fill in the title, level, and publisher of the program below.
(b) Will the program be based on the Nova Scotia Learning Outcomes Framework? __yes __no
(c) Will the program you provide be developed by you? __yes __no

Do I have to be a certified teacher in order to homeschool my children?


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