Nova Scotia Homeschool Support Groups

Provincial organizations

  • NSHEA — Nova Scotia Home Education Association — The Nova Scotia Home Education Association’s purpose is to promote the awareness of home education within the province of Nova Scotia, help safeguard the legal rights for home education families, and represent our member families at the local and provincial levels of government.
    The Nova Scotia Home Education Association (NSHEA) is an inclusive group and represents all home educators in Nova Scotia supporting all styles and approaches to home education. Together, we can be seen as one voice safeguarding the rights of all home educators in the province.
    As home educators, we choose to work independently to educate our children. Unification as a group is important so we are up-to-date on changes in the province which might affect our ability and freedom to home educate. Standing as a group means we can make positive changes to home education and be ready to take action if needed. Being organized is important in these pursuits.
  • HEMS Nova Scotia — Helping Encouraging Mentoring Serving — A Christian ministry / provincial support group based in the Halifax Regional Municipality. We are a family-based group, open to ALL homeschoolers, that meets for field trips, swimming lessons, science & history fairs, curriculum nights, Mother/Daughter & Father/Son days.  We offer a curriculum homeschool conference in early June and a family-oriented one in October. We are part of the HSLDA community and work closely with local government and the Department of Education to maintain the rights of families to educate their children as they deem best for their family.

Province-wide Facebook Groups

  • The Comedy of Errors – This group is designed to be a resource for our NS home-education community for future, past, and present events taking place. Organized activities, as well as general community events that may be of interest to others can be posted.
  • Homeschool Swap Nova Scotia – buy, sell, or trade, homeschool related items
  • NS Unschoolers – a support network and resource page for unschooling families, from those interested in learning more about unschooling principles to those already involved in Radical Unschooling. Home Ed parents at all stages of the researching/deschooling/unschooling process are welcome.
  • Saint Francis Home Educators (Catholic NS Homeschoolers) – Under the patronage of St. Francis of Assisi, our goal is to connect with other Catholics who are home educating, support each other in our vocation and minister to those discerning home educating. This group is by invite only.
  • Secular Homeschoolers of NS – A support network for freethinking, agnostic and non-believers homeschooling in Nova Scotia.
  • Special Needs Homeschooling Nova Scotia – for those homeschooling their special needs child in NS, or seriously thinking about it. Online discussions, support group meetings, activities and events.
  • Waldorf-Inspired Homeschooling in Nova Scotia – support to those interested in the Waldorf method of homeschooling. It would also be great to arrange some meet-ups and plan some festivals together.

Local homeschool support groups in Nova Scotia