Nunavut Homeschooling FAQ

Is homeschooling legal in Nunavut?

Yes. School age children in Nunavut are excused from attendance at school if they are “attending a home schooling program,” according to section 34(3)(f) of the Education Act.

Do homeschooled children in Nunavut have to be registered with any official authority?

Yes. Homeschooled students must be “registered with a school,” according to section 21(3) of the Education Act.

Is there any monitoring of homeschooling programs in Nunavut?

Yes. Home schooling programs are evaluated by a district education authority (DEA) with the assistance of the school principal. The supervision is to be provided “in accordance with Inuit societal values and the principles and concepts of Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit,” according to section 21(2) of the Education Act.

Where can I find the Nunavut curriculum?

The Nunavut Department of Education has a webpage on Curriculum & Learning Resources, with links to pdf files of the school curriculum guidelines by grade.

Do I have to follow the Nunavut curriculum?

Unclear. Section 2(b) of the Home Schooling Regulations requires that a homeschooling parent “ensure that the home schooling program fulfils the curriculum standards set by the Minister for the education program.” It is unclear whether “the education program” in question refers to the schools’ program for a given age/grade or to an individual program designed by the parent and then approved by the principal and DEA acting on behalf of the Minister.

Do I have to teach a certain language or in a certain language?

No. In earlier versions of the Education Act, homeschooling families were exempt from the language requirements. When changes were made to the Act more recently, intended to strengthen the “preservation, use and promotion of Inuit language and culture,” the sections on non-applicability to homeschooling families seemed to have disappeared. However, even within the school system, the Inuit language requirements cannot move forward without first obtaining the material resources and Inuit-speaking teachers needed to implement the plan. Therefore, at the time of this writing (June 2019), there is a Bill on the table to postpone that implementation for another 20 years.

Do I have to be a certified teacher in order to homeschool my children in Nunavut?

No. The previous version of the Education Act included a section that explicitly spelled out that homeschooling parents do not need to be certified teachers. There does not appear to be such a section in the current version of the Act. However, it is most likely still implied by the absence of an explicit requirement. This would be in keeping with all the other provinces that do not mention it one way or the other.

Is there any funding for homeschooling in Nunavut?

Yes. The district education authority (DEA) reimburses parents for the educational costs associated with the “home schooling program.” See the Homeschooling Reimbursements Directive: