Ontario Homeschool Support Groups

Southwestern Ontario

Kitchener-Waterloo Christian Home Educators’ Association (KWCHEA)

Our group consists of over 200 families from Kitchener, Waterloo, Elmira, and the surrounding area.  We meet together regularly to encourage and support one another in our God-given task of educating our children spiritually and academically according to the inspired Word of God defined as the Historical Canon of the Old and New Testaments.  We aim to do this by: regular support group meetings; sharing of information and resources;  education and social group activities.

KWCHEA does not require that all members agree with our Statement Purpose or our Statement of Faith. We do require that members accept that this is the policy of our group, and that all our support group activities will be conducted in a manner that is in line with our policy.

Areas Served: Kitchener, Waterloo, Elmira

Oxford County Home Educators

This group’s aim is to provide home educators from our region with a place to connect, plan meetups, encourage each other and develop relationships with the many unique families in our area who have come to home educating for a wide variety of reasons. Whether you are more traditional in your home education style or leaning more towards an un-schooling approach…or you might even be an eclectic mix falling somewhere in between, we all share a commonality of being home educators with our children’s best life and happiness at the heart of what we do! I hope you find some great connections for yourself and your kiddos through this group! Feel free to toss out ideas on the wall for: – Meetups for our kids to interact (Park dates, fun holiday theme activities etc.) – Educational Trips – Resources and Encouragement – Fun/Educational Local activities and events that you are planning to attend – Coordinating extra-curricular activities that your children are taking part in, that others may want to join in on at the same time (Swimming lessons, Karate, Gymnastics, Dance, Music, Soccer …you get the idea

Areas Served: Woodstock, Ingersoll, Mt. Elgin, Norwich, Salford, Thamesford, Tillsonburg

Harambee Homeschooling – Canada

We are a STEM based African-centred support group that meets regularly for support and field trips. We are looking for families with children aged 5-12 who would like to learn and grow together. We follow Christ and are open to families of other faiths.

We would like to meet in person at least once a week. We also encourage virtual meetings.

Membership Fees/Requirements: We anticipate our fees to be nominal and they would include administrative services, resource sharing (via common ownership) and field trips.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1619707738290430/
Contact: Tamara
Email: tamara.sockdjou@gmail.com
Areas Served: Essex County, Windsor
Educational Subjects: French as a Second Language, Handwriting, Health & Physical Education, Language, Mathematics, Music, Science
Grade Levels: All Elementary Grades

H.O.P.E. (Homes of Priority Education)

Description: We are a non-denominational Christian group. Members must sign our statement of faith. The group averages around 40-50 families each year.

Activities: We hold Support Meetings on the fourth Monday of the month (September, October, November, January, February, March, and April). These meetings are open to all and have a wide range of topics. A small library with support materials (no curriculum) is available for members at these meetings. Topics for support meetings are published in advance in our newsletter, The Hope Herald. It is published monthly from August through May and is the main means of communication for our group. We provide H.O.P.E. Days, which is a cooperative teaching opportunity. These occur on six Friday mornings, from 9:00 – 11:45, in the fall and in the spring to provide interaction, fun, and learning in a group setting. There is a nursery provided for the younger children and activity classes for the older children. There is a cost for H.O.P.E. Days above the H.O.P.E. registration fee, and parental involvement is expected. We plan many field trips and activities throughout the year. Members are encouraged to be involved and to contribute to the group by organizing, volunteering, and participating in events. Some activities include our Track and Field Day, skating and hockey on Fridays through the winter, Project Fair, and many interesting and educational field trips.

Membership Fees/Requirements: annual membership fees are approx. $35/family. Members must sign our statement of faith.
Contact: HOPE Steering Comittee
Email: hopesteeringcommittee@gmail.com
PO Box 216
Tavistock, ON
N0B 2R0

Areas Served: Perth County, Stratford
Grade Levels: Preschool, All Elementary Grades, All Secondary Grades, Post-Secondary

WECHEC – Windsor Essex Christian Home Educators Connection

Description: A Christian organization in Windsor/Essex County for home schooling parents and children coming together at varied educational activities. A great place to make new friends. Check out our page at WEhomeschool.ca!

Activities: Field trips, both as a group and in conjunction with other local support groups. They are funded individually on an as-we-go basis.

Membership Fees/Requirements: $10.00

Website: http://WEhomeschool.ca
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WEhomeschool.ca/
Email: wechec.ca@gmail.com
Areas Served: Essex County, Windsor
Grade Levels: All Elementary Grades, All Secondary Grades


Brampton Christian Educators’ Network (BCEN)

We are an OCHEC-affiliated Christian group that bases our policies and actions on Christian principles and we take the Bible as our moral and spiritual guide. Our activities have been based in Brampton since 1990. Our motto is Families Serving Families, and our aim is to encourage and equip homeschooling families through interaction, both socially and educationally. Membership fees $25/year per family, which includes OCHEC membership. Activities include three Co-op sessions throughout the year (for an additional cost); member-led field trips; YMCA Gym and Swim program on Wednesday afternoons (for those with YMCA memberships); lending library of resources for members; monthly parent support meetings, usually the 2nd Monday of every month; and Project and Performance student showcase evening. We welcome families with children of all ages, from infants to high school. Yearly Registration meeting in August.

Website: https://bcenhomeschoolers.radiantwebtools.com/
: Rosanne Robbins
Email: bcengroup2014@gmail.com
Areas Served: Brampton
Grade Levels: All Elementary Grades, All Secondary Grades

Halton Hills Christian Homeschoolers

Our desire is to connect with each other and to provide support and encouragement along our homeschooling journey. We base all of our policies and actions on Christian principles and take the Bible as our moral and spiritual guide. We provide members with monthly support meetings, HHCH weekly co-op, group field trips, year end picnic and a showcase event.

Website: http://hhchgroup.weebly.com/
Email: servant.leader.team@gmail.com
Areas Served: Halton Hills

Toronto Association of Parent Educators (TAPE)

We are a support group for families of all homeschooling styles. Our group meets on Thursday afternoons at Wallace Emerson Community Centre (Dufferin and Dupont) from October to May, and at Dufferin Grove Park (Dufferin south of Bloor) from June to September. In addition, we have occasional field trips, events and meetings.

Contact: Kristina
Email: kristina.house@gmail.com
Areas Served: Toronto

Toronto Homeschoolers Support Group

As an eclectic group of homeschoolers, Toronto Homeschoolers Group offers support for new and current homeschoolers in and around the city of Toronto. Our Facebook group is a safe and inclusive place to ask questions, post events/meetups, organize group outings and trips, and provides that much needed support to each other as we walk through this adventure together. We also have a sister Facebook group for teen events and a local buy and sell group for finding homeschool supplies and curriculum. As a matter of safety, we require all new families attend one monthly Welcome Wagon meeting. This will give you an opportunity to meet other homeschoolers in the community and ask any questions you might have. Event details can be found by following this link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/torontohomeschoolinformation/events/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/torontohomeschoolinformation/
: Marina
Email: marinau2@hotmail.com
Areas Served: Toronto

The Homeschool Network (THN)

A network of homeschooling families providing support for new and seasoned homeschoolers. Traditional homeschoolers, deschoolers and unschoolers – all homeschooling styles and all beliefs (or none) welcome.

Activities: THN has monthly events throughout the school year including parent meetings, information nights, social activities, and field trips. Members-only website and group e-mail list.

Membership fees/requirements: $15 annual membership fee.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/885965061441637/
Email: thnthehomeschoolnetwork@gmail.com
Areas Served: Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga
Grade Levels: All Elementary Grades, All Secondary Grades

Eastern Ontario

Dundas-Grenville Christian Home Educators’ Association (DGCHEA)

The Dundas-Grenville Christian Home Educators’ Association (DGCHEA) serves families who educate their children at home, in or near Dundas County, Ontario. Members also come from Leeds & Grenville (Spencerville, Cardinal, Prescott) and as far east as Finch.  If you’re anywhere near our area, we’d love to connect with you!

The group has no governing head, but collectively and cooperatively organizes weekly events and programs for children of all ages. In addition to weekly physical education classes and two semesters of history and science classes, the DGCHEA also organizes about a dozen educational field trips throughout the school year. The events and programs are recorded in an annual photo yearbook distributed to member families in the spring.

The DGCHEA accepts participation of people from all backgrounds and faiths; all should understand that the group is fundamentally a Christian community, based on Biblical principles. The hope is that the group may be a place where parents can be supported in the principles they are teaching at home, and where children can make friends with other children, building relationships in a safe environment.

There is an annual membership fee of $10 that gives access to the Facebook group and email updates and helps cover minimal expenses.
Website: http://dundashomeschoolers.webs.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dundashomeschoolers
Email: DGCHEA@gmail.com
Areas Served: Cardinal, Spencerville
Educational Subjects: Arts, Geography, Handwriting, Health & Physical Education, History, Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, Social Studies

Kingston Christian Home Educators Chapter

We are a chapter of OCHEC (Ontario Christian Home Educators Connection). We are a volunteer, non-profit, Christian organization that exists to serve the needs of homeschooling families in Kingston, Ontario.

Kingston Limestone Home Educators

We are home educators that have grouped together to share experiences and resources. The group is closed, but welcome to anyone who wants to join.

Kingston area Homeschoolers & Mom meet

Kingston and area Homeschoolers & Moms Meet is a local homeschool support group in the Kingston area. We desire to support all local homeschooling moms and their families. All local homeschoolers are welcome. We hold monthly in-person Moms Meets and host other activities to encourage and provide opportunities for relationships within the local homeschooling community.

Christian Homeschoolers & Moms Meet

Christian Homeschoolers & Moms Meet is a local homeschool support group in the Bay of Quinte area for those residing in the Bay of Qunite area only. We desire to support all local homeschooling mom’s and their families. All local homeschoolers are welcome. We hold monthly in-person Moms Meets and host other activities to encourage and provide opportunities for relationships within the local homeschooling community.

Homeschooling. Kingston to Brockville and in between. Canada

I started this group because I couldn’t find many homeschoolers or like minded people on my area. We are in Lansdowne and everyone is welcome to join and participate in the group. Sharing is caring.

Hastings & Prince Edward Home Educators and Learners

This is an inclusive, open and informal group of home schooling families in Quinte and surrounding areas. See events and Files for more information. Members should feel free to introduce themselves, ask questions and participate in discussions.

Quinte Christian Homeschooling Adventures

A Safe area to share ideas, events and ask for prayer or encouragement. There are many families who are in various stages of their homeschooling journey and I truly think we could all benefit from the support and community here.

We The North (of the 401) Homeschoolers

Hi Guys! I created this group for those of us homeschooling “in the country” north of Kingston. Just so we can plan some get together once in awhile that don’t require driving in to town! Anyone is welcome to join if they’re ok with travelling to group activities out here, you don’t have to live here.

Prince Edward County Home Learners

This group is to help home learning families in the County connect with each other and to share events, resources and ideas.

Northumberland East Homeschool Group

For Homeschoolers living on the East side of Northumberland County.

Belleville And Area Homeschool Classroom

This group is intended to provide support and guidance to all things homeschool. New to homeschooling or a seasoned home learner, you are all welcome…..
Everyone is invited to participate in this group, no matter your belief system, we all share a common goal to better our children’s homeschooling experience as well as boosting our own confidence as the “teachers”. All parents and children are encouraged to voice their ideas for events or lessons

Northumberland Homeschool Cooperative

We are a diverse collection of parents who, for a variety of reasons, have chosen to educate our children at home. We gather weekly to exchange ideas while older children participate in an instructor led gym class and younger siblings play nearby. Additional outings and events are held throughout the year.

Website: http://www.northumberlandhomeschool.com
Email: contact@northumberlandhomeschool.com
Areas Served: Port Hope, Coburg

Central Ontario

Kawartha Lakes Homeschoolers

We are a diverse group welcoming all styles of homeschooling. Our meetings are held in Little Britain biweekly and consist of some formal learning as well as socialisation and play. We also organise field trips and outings. Our meetings and learning content are secular, while membership is inclusive to all.

Email: blumoonfarm55@gmail.com
Areas Served: Kawartha Lakes, Lindsay

Northern Ontario

Timmins Homeschooling

We are a group of homeschooling families from the Timmins and surrounding areas that meet together for various activities and get-togethers. We welcome new contacts!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/147648565410532/ (Homeschooling in the North)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/240178929449048/ (Timmins & Area Homeschoolers)
Contact: Nathan & Alaina
Areas Served: Timmins
Grade Levels: All Elementary Grades, All Secondary Grades

All of Ontario (via Facebook Groups)

Ontario Waldorf Homeschoolers

We are a group of Waldorf Homeschoolers in Ontario, Canada. This Facebook group is for discussion and support in our journey to home school our children in the Waldorf manner. We explore topics pertinent to Waldorf homeschooling, such as curriculum discussions, Anthroposophy, inner work for parents as teachers, managing Waldorf at home or blending with a public/charter/private school setting, meetups and group events. https://www.facebook.com/groups/330473833748260/

Homeschool Spanish Group in Ontario

Este grupo ha sido creado para familias que viven en Ontario y que hablen Espanol y esten haciendo homeschool. Este es un grupo para compartir y poder juntarnos con nuestros pequenos para ir a talleres, clases, parques, excursiones,etc. Pasen la voz!

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