Prince Edward Island Home Education Legalities

Homeschooling in PEI is governed by the Education Act and its Home Education Regulations.

Section 46 addresses compulsory school attendance and defines “compulsory school age” as being from 6 to 16 years old, including a child who will be 6 by December 31st of the school year. Subsection 46(4) defines the exceptions to compulsory attendance, including, in subsection 46(4)(b), “being provided with a home education program referred to in section 95.”

Section 95 outlines the requirement that homeschooling parents provide yearly notification of their intent to homeschool. It also allows the Department to give homeschooling parents advice and comments, and allows homeschooling students access to some courses.

95. Notice of intention

(1) A parent who intends to provide a home education program for his or her child shall, for each school year, provide the Minister with

(a) a notice in the form approved by the Minister of the parent’s intention to provide a home education program in accordance with the regulations; and

(b) a declaration that the parent acknowledges his or her responsibilities related to the provision of the home education program for his or her child.

Advice, comments by Department

(2) The Department may provide to the parent advice and comments on the home education program.Attend courses offered by an education authority

(3) A student attending a home education program may attend courses offered by an education authority as permitted by the regulations.

The Home Education Regulations detail what information is to be provided in the notice of intent to homeschool:

(a) the name and date of birth of the child;

(b) the name, address and telephone number of the parent; and

(c) the last school attended by the child, if applicable.

The Regulations also provide information on how a homeschool student “may attend one or more courses offered by an education authority” and states that the Minister “may provide authorized textbooks to a parent for use in a home education program” and may charge a refundable deposit therefor.

For more information and links to the Notice of Intent form and curriculum guidelines, see the PEI government’s webpage on Home Education.