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University admissions — post-secondary education after homeschooling

Teacher resources

  • International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) – free thematic education packs including teaching guides, lessons, worksheets, videos, and interactive activities, all about animals and our shared environment. Disponible aussi en français.
  • Resources for Rethinking is a project developed by Learning for a Sustainable Future. It provides teachers access to lesson plans, worksheets and other teaching resources that integrate environmental, social and economic spheres through learning that is interdisciplinary and action oriented. Each R4R resource has been reviewed by an experienced classroom teacher and matched to relevant curriculum outcomes for all provinces and territories in Canada. Disponible aussi en français.
  • Canadian Sugar Institute’s Nutrition Information Service includes online information about nutrition, the history of sugar, sugar science, sugars and health, and free downloadable educational PDF files that form an integrated curriculum resource for grades 4-6. (You can also have them sent for free by postal mail). Through experiments and activities, students learn about food science, food production, the human body, nutrition and physical activity within a series of four Missions.
  • Education: K-12 Teaching Resources — a guide developed and maintained at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto.
  • Reading Wings — Two books for helping your kids learn how to read and write without struggling. Written by Vera Goodman, retired teacher living in Calgary, Alberta. She also offers workshops and consultations and is available for homeschool conferences.

Canadian homeschool web sites

  • Homeschool Canada — aside from linking to their shop of educational resources, the site has sections on provincial homeschool legalities, support groups, and distance learning for each province. (Some of which is out of date at the time of this writing, Spring 2019).
  • — aside from some resources she has produced (Canadian content), Lisa Marie Fletcher’s site includes a section on homeschool legalities in each province, and a blog that covers all kinds of aspects of homeschooling. She also runs the annual Canadian Online Homeschool Conference.
  • Canadian Centre for Home Education (CCHE) – A branch of Home School Legal Defence Association Canada (HDLDA). Has a list of research papers about homeschooling, a section on different educational methods, some links to other sites, and runs a National Home Education Conference.

Canadian Homeschool Bloggers

Radio and podcast

  • RADIO FREE SCHOOL is an all volunteer show by, for and about Unschoolers / Home Learners. Blog:
    Broadcast is every Wednesday at 12 noon to 12:30 pm (EST) on CFMU 93.3 FM – MP3 shows searchable for download/podcast at
  • Canada Homeschools – with Rowan Atkinson; a production of Canadian-A Educational Resources

Facebook groups for new and used curriculum deals and swaps

Canadian learning resources

  • Headphone History — Canadian history in audio format, written for children, with stories and legends woven throughout. You can also get the companion workbook for colouring pages, word finds, crossword puzzles, questions, quizzes, and tests. Over 70 worksheets. By Rowan Atkinson, Canadian-A Educational Resources.
  • Natural Pod — “Long-lasting, sustainably made furniture designed to foster creativity and innovation in learning environments for all ages. We help create 21st Century Learning and play environments for educators and students.”
  • STEM Village — online supplemental education in science, technology, engineering, and math. The math and science are tied to the Ontario curriculum (currently grades 5-8). The technology and engineering offer supplemental introduction to additional critical skills required in today’s digital economy.
  • LingQ (pronounced “link”) — Learn languages online without textbooks or lessons. Access and upload real-world content in your target language, and learn through listening, reading, and exposure to the language through an online community of learners and native speaker tutors. Online tools and resources help you learn vocabulary and track your progress. Choose the free membership or upgrade to a paid level for more features. Based on The Linguist Method developed by Steve Kaufmann, who has learned a dozen languages through this system.
  • Learn Languages On Your Own — free advice on how to learn any language without studying any grammar or vocabulary. Includes information on how to read and write basic phonetic transcriptions using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).
  • The Easy French and The Easy Spanish are two programs for learning French or Spanish as a foreign language. Developed for homeschoolers by a homeschooling mom of 4, they teach language and grammar through literature-based entertaining storylines (Scripture, songs, games and colouring pages), use Tomatis and SAMONAS sound theories to facilitate learning, and follow Charlotte Mason Method, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and higher order theories by Dr. Jeanne Chall. Lessons are delivered through a 400-page illustrated book and audio CDs recorded by native language speakers.
  • 4Cats Arts Studio
    4Cats is a professional arts studio for artists aged two to fifteen. Guided by highly-trained curators, visitors to the studio create imaginative pieces inspired by the work of famous artists. Children use professional high-quality art materials including acrylic paint on canvas, silkscreens and pottery wheels. There are several 4Cats studios located across Canada.
  • VoicePersona
    Audiobooks of children’s classics and educational books. Subjects will include biographies of important historical figures, the natural world, Christian themed and other non-fictional books. You can download the free accompanying comprehension and listening skills activity sheets that also include some fun activities
  • Open Door Math — online math tutoring to help teach, inspire and motivate elementary and high school students to be successful in mathematics. All tutoring is done by one qualified, experienced, Canadian educator. The student and tutor connect to an online classroom which includes voice and a fully equipped whiteboard, and work together just as if sitting side by side. Visit the website for more details, including pricing information and reviews from students.
  • Online Mathematics Tutoring
  • Heritage Makers
    An online publishing system whereby you create your own hard cover, full colour, library-stitched storybooks through Drag and Drop Digital Scrapbooking. Online student training included. An approved resource in the BC Distance Learning system.
  • Razzberry Publishing
    Mickey Eves, Author and Illustrator
    — Sept. 2005, released a new series of picture books called The Canucks, to aid children with Canadian geography. There are 13 Canadian characters, each named for a province or territory. In the first book the characters head off to explore Ottawa and what there is to discover during Winterlude. The other books in the series will each feature one of the other provinces or territories and some of the interesting things it has to offer.
  • Federation of Ontario Naturalists (FON)
    355 Lesmill Road,
    Don Mills, Ontario M3B 2W8
    Toll Free Phone: 1-800-440-2366 or (416) 444-8419,
    Fax: (416) 444-9866
    Email: info@ (add to complete the email address)
    — FON is a charitable organization that protects Ontario’s nature through research, education and conservation action; provide books and resources on nature, mammals, birds, flowers, insects, reptiles, science, geography, wetlands, habitats, Wildlife in Jeopardy Kit, watersheds, wetlands, sustainable development and much more for various age levels; can shop on-line.
  • EfstonScience
    3350 Dufferin St
    Toronto ON M6A 3A4
    Toll Free Phone: 1-888-777-5255 or (416) 787-4581
    Toll Free Fax: 1-888-681-1079 or (416) 787-5140
    Email: info@ (add to complete the email address)
    — “The Science & Astronomy Super Store.” Selection of science, astronomical, optical, anatomical and electronic test equipment and specialty tools; catalogues available in General Science, Telescopes, E-Sci Kids, Circuit Test, Jensen Tools and a Resource Centre. Visit showroom & store. Browse the on-line catalogue; online ordering.
  • Intelligent Training Solutions
    Mike Glavic, CUO
    6381 Glengate Street
    Niagara Falls, ON
    Home: (905)357-7210
    Cell: (905)348-4774
    E-mail: itsol@ (add to complete the email address)
    Canadian home distributor-reseller and service facilitator of the Discrete Trial Trainer, an ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) based software solution for early and special-needs learners under the developmental age of 9. More information on this product can be found at
  • Indigo Instruments
    Science & Educational Products on the Web since 1994
    Wide variety of molecular model sets; scientific glasswar; high resolution images on CD that turn your computer into a state of the art light and/or electron microscope; magnifiers; magnets; and much more.
    info@ (add to complete the email address)
    Phone: (519)746-4761
    Fax: (519)747-5636
  • Green Street provides opportunities for environmental programs for youth by linking teachers in Canada to reputable environmental and sustainability education organizations across the country. Teachers can register online. Most programs are free.
  • Model Science Software — Simulation software for use in science education. A virtual alternative to wet lab kits.
  • Ecoutez/Parlez and Escucha y Hablemos — individualized and self-directed French and Spanish (respectively) Oral Programs for kids of all ages, created by Katleen Newton and published by Kaleeka Press. Call 705-719-7272 for more information.
  • Knowledge Probe Inc.
    — Free math software and low-cost language software.
  • Sara Jordan Publishers — Songs That Teach cassettes and CDs such as Multiplication Unplugged.
    Email: sjordan@ (add to complete the email address)
  • SchoolNet — The mandate of Industry Canada’s SchoolNet is to promote the effective use of information and communications technologies (ICT) in learning. The website includes links to thousands of learning resources.
  • Dilam Inc. — Based on her 35 years as a professional educator and Special Education Specialist, author Diane Lamarche-Bisson of Welland Ontario has written 11 manuals providing tools for teachers/parents and activities for children in math, reading, writing, spelling, auditory skills as well as resources for special education needs. She also offers a series of children’s books that help develop life skills and strong social and moral values in children aged 5 through 10, available in Christian version (with scripture) or Secular version (with motto) and accompanied by a read-along and musical CD.
  • Splashes From The River–The Basic Cozy Grammar Course on DVD. Filmed on Vancouver Island.

Kids’ clubs and programs

  • Earth Rangers and Earth Rangers Clubs – for elementary school age kids. The #1 environmental concern for kids across the country is protecting animals from extinction. Earth Rangers is a conservation organization for kids, dedicated to educating children and their families about biodiversity, inspiring them to adopt sustainable behaviours, and empowering them to become directly involved in protecting animals and their habitats. Earth Rangers programs are designed to be fun, educational, and confidence-building, not only teaching kids about the environmental issues our planet is facing, but also empowering them to take action. Programs provide children with an engaging online experience, real-life conservation projects, and tangible activities that positively impact the environment. This provides a sense of belonging, optimism and proof that when we all work together, we can make a difference.
  • Roots & Shoots – a youth program focusing on Jane Goodall’s inspirational message of hope, reminding participants that every individual is important and every individual can make a difference. Through a unique 4-step program, educators lead youth from inspiration; to mapping their community for sustainability issues for people, animals and the environment; to taking action to solve those issues; and then celebrating the impact they have made. Through this journey, youth are engaged to take action on sustainability issues and become compassionate leaders.

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