Canadian Suppliers of Toys and Games

Bear Dance Crafts
Contact: Natalie Weeks
Email: info@ (add to complete the email address)
Home-based business run by a homeschooling family in Kaslo, British Columbia, offering natural toys, natural craft supplies and books. Waldorf dolls, doll-making kits, wooden music makers, wooden toys, games and puzzles, dress-ups and more.

Cawwot Games
3 Churchill Cr
Simcoe ON N3Y 4Z4
Phone: 519-426-1384
Fax: 519-426-0949
Email: cawwot@ (add to complete the email address)
Creators of Balancing Act Challenge™, a board game based on an earlier version of the Canadian government’s Canada’s Food Guide To Healthy Eating, which organized nutritional needs into four food groups: grain products, milk products, vegetables & fruit, and meat & meat alternatives. [Note: Because of the dairy group, it will not be suitable for vegans. Those wishing to teach a more inclusive understanding of healthy diets and/or a broader understanding of nutrition will need to supplement the game with information on other diets and additional nutritional needs, as the governmental Food Guide system on which the game is based favours dairy while omitting the importance of water and micronutrients.]
The object of the game is to be the first player to collect the required number of each food group’s Serving Cards. Mail, email, or fax your purchase order/request (include courier account for delivery, if applicable). Invoice will be faxed or emailed with an indication of the total owing, including any delivery charges. Payment methods are cheque, money order or cash.

Family Pastimes
RR 4
Perth ON K7H 3C6
Phone: (613) 267-4819
Fax: (613) 264-0696
Email: info@ (add to complete the email address)
—Makers and distributors of cooperative games. Ask your local toy store to carry them or order directly. Ask for a free catalogue.

Nelson BC
Owner: Jenn Chic
E-mail: or
(Homeschooling family)
— Sells Waldorf-inspired home schooling supplies, craft supplies and kits, all natural toys and books. Natural, non-toxic, sustainable ingredients. Works with local artisans. Weekly newsletter features subscriber-only specials, new product features, craft ideas and recipes.

Mastermind Educational Technologies Inc.
465 Milner Ave. Units 4 to 7
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada M1B 2K4
TOLL FREE : (888)388-0000
LOCAL: (416)321-8984
FAX: (416) 321-8988
Email: customerservice@ (add to complete the email address)
— Several brick-&-mortar stores across the country, plus online shopping.